Today’s Heroes

The best thing about Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital is the people. The people are what make the hospital what it is. The wonderful Veterinarians, Technicians, Veterinary Assistants, and Client Care team care for each pet to the best of their ability. They foster relationships with the exceptional clients that come through the doors each day and give back to the community with their time in support of local charities and community programs.

These extraordinary, everyday heroes, also mentor the next generation of talented people who will be caring for your pets, not to mention the volunteers of Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital. The hospital is very active in supporting people with interests in caring for pets. The staff of this hospital mentor high school co-op students, veterinary assistant student practicums from Eastern College and Maritime Business College, veterinary technicians from Dalhousie Agricultural College and Maritime Business College, and University of Prince Edward Island veterinary school students. It is the hospital staff investing in the future of the profession to ensure these students receive the practical experience they need to continue their development.

Caring for pets and supporting the people who care for pets is what motivates the staff to do the hard work they do every day.

Let me introduce you to Eve. Eve was a volunteer with the hospital and is working towards becoming a veterinarian. Below are glimpses into the thoughts of one of the wonderful volunteers during her time in the hospital.

“I’ve been volunteering at the vet hospital for 16 months now, and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in volunteering and in a field I want to work in someday. It’s been very interesting working around the veterinarians and vet techs. A week ago I saw a live louse under a microscope, which was really cool. Working in the veterinary hospital gives you time to reflect on a lot of the nature of veterinary medicine and how the ethics involved differ from human medicine. Domesticated animals don’t have autonomy in human society, and we trust owners to be able to make decisions in their pets’ best interest. Veterinary patients not only don’t have the ability to consent to procedures but for the most part have no idea what’s happening to them in the clinic, which can be a disconcerting difference from ethics in medicine.

My favourite day of volunteering at the vet hospital is still the day that I spent putting together materials for the ElderDog walk last year. It was really cool to be involved in the practice’s efforts to help out the community. I only had a very small role in preparing for the walk, but many people and organizations collaborating with ElderDog made it possible, and in my opinion collaboration between people working to realize the same goal (health of animals and happiness of pets and owners) can only make their impact better – more than the sum of its parts. ElderDog does great work addressing the needs of seniors and senior dogs who are often ignored in society, and I am very happy to be involved with that work in any small way.”

To a wonderful and dedicated volunteer, Eve, a thank you from all of the staff of Clayton Park Veterinary Hospital. We wish you the greatest success in your future career as a veterinarian and as a hero to another generation.

I would like to also say a big thank you to each staff member of the hospital that has, is, or will invest in the wonderful volunteers at the hospital. Know that you are investing in the continued exceptional care of pets, and each day, you are heroes in what you do.

Written by: Jen Kendrick